We Can and Must Help #FlattenTheCurveCville

CBIC, CvilleBioHub, and the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce are collaborating to lead a local effort to #FlattenTheCurveCville. 

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  • The threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is real and spreading. The most vulnerable among us (the elderly, immunocompromised individuals, and those with underlying health conditions) are at high risk of suffering from this virus. Public health experts and the CDC are urging more extreme social distancing, yet too many of us are still not listening. We have to do more.
    Joel Selzer, MBA

The number of CEOs and business leaders nationally 

who have pledged their support to #FlattenTheCurve

What Does It Mean to ‘Flatten the Curve’?

When coronavirus hit Wuhan, China, it traveled fast. By February hospitals were filled to capacity and the waitlist to get an ambulance stretched into the hundreds. Medical practitioners hadn’t yet gotten a handle on what they were dealing with, so social distancing measures weren’t taken until it was too late. As a result, the epidemic curve, a graphic representation of the rapid spike in infections, was steep.

Who has committed to #FlattenTheCurveCville?